Bingo for Gossip

Review of Gossip Bingo

Even while many online bingo companies make an effort to conceal the apparent gender-based targeting that some of their competitors engage in, that evident gender-based targeting is surprisingly prominent on some of their competitors’ websites. This is exactly what happened in this specific instance.

Although Gossip Bingo successfully alienates women who would not necessarily want to buy glossy weekly magazines and stand around the water cooler talking about what ‘her on the sixth floor did with him’ (i.e. most women you are likely to know), it also successfully alienates men who are not particularly fond of gender stereotypes. More importantly, given that this website is clearly targeted at a certain sort of women, it makes them feel unwanted from the beginning, even before they begin the social science examination.

On the other hand, just as with the beautiful weekly publications we just described, everyone is basically selling to a market, and there is no such thing as a global market. Are we really justified in lambasting a company just because it has determined that “this is who we are marketing to, therefore let’s sell to them” is the acceptable target audience for its products or services? By publishing evaluations of bingo and casino websites, we’re essentially doing the same thing – our main audience will not be someone who has no interest in online gambling, as is the case with the majority of other websites. More importantly, given the fact that they are interested enough to bother reading a review to try to find out whether their money is going into the correct URL, it’s likely that they have at least some prior experience in online gambling.

Stuff that is standard in nature

We’ve come to this website to give it a thorough examination, and we should. If you look at it from the perspective of the general design of the website, Gossip Bingo, for all its terrible misogyny, is a very bog ordinary website. You’re greeted with the company name (which is, of course, in pink), as well as a row of menu choices including ‘Home,’ ‘Join Now,” “Promotions,” “Bingo,” “Slots,” and a link to the website’s help section. We’ll go through each of them in turn, but below this is a large box with a lady who seems to be quite feminine, presenting a deal that – to the uninitiated – is probably not that apparent. ‘Bet with £60 and get 10 Sure Win Spins’. In the backdrop of the screen, there is a Wheel of Fortune-style device that looks to have landed on the amount of £2,500, with the words ‘Limited Time’ written next to it.

Nobody, including us, understands exactly what all of that means, and when combined with the phrases ‘Gossip Bonus Wheel – Pick Up Your Offer And Have A Go, it instantly brings to mind the phrase “someone needs a better copywriter.” It goes without saying that there is some kind of offer available, but what exactly is the offer, how much is it worth, and how much money do we have to put down in order to be assured 10 winning spins?

There is much more ambiguity.

Then you’ll see two rows of six thumbnails farther down the screen, none of which are really helpful in figuring out what the heck is going on with this thing. ‘Grand 55 Is Here – Up to £55,000!’ shouts one of the advertisements. ‘£777 Nightly Lucky Jackpot’, proclaims another, with a smug grin. Obviously, the list might go on for another four instances, but suffice it to say that the designers and producers of this website have chosen a very, very antiquated advertising and salesmanship tactic: bombard people with large numbers and get them to click.

Of course, this may have worked in the past, and it may still work to some level today, but anybody who has read even a single piece of marketing industry news in the last couple of years will know one thing for certain: it does not work anymore. The public is well-versed in this kind of behavior, just as they are in propaganda, misleading claims, and general misdirection, among other things. In the absence of a significant shift in its strategy, one cannot help but believe that Gossip Bingo’s days are limited, and that’s even before we consider the fact that it’s like Mad Men had a bingo website makeover in terms of attitude.